Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Blee Ba Dibby Dibby Ya

I don't know what she's saying, but I like it. Norah has started saying what appears to be baby sentences. They have the same inflection and pauses as any normal statement within a conversation. She even talks with her hands! But they're gibberish. It's both cute and amazing. She's mimicking social interactions. Pretty soon real words will fill in the nonsense. *Sniff.*

With that is also emerging some real preferences. And with preferences come dislikes as well.

"Norah, would you like a graham cracker?"

"Umm! Umm!"

"Norah, would you like a didee?" (Diaper)

Shakes head violently, indicating "hell, no."

"Norah, do you want your cup?"

"Cah...up. Cah...up."

"Norah, let Mommy get your boogies." (Boogers)

She backhands the tissue out of my hand.

So I'm starting to really see that she knows hundreds of words. She may be saying, "A ya ya glee gah," but she truly means something else. She knows what a didee is. She knows what bathtime is. It's amazing.

And I'm sure you are reading this thinking, "Well, duh, idiot." But honestly, I'm having a difficult time realizing that my baby isn't a newborn anymore. She is growing physically, mentally, and emotionally at lightening speed. I haven't caught up. I still want to feed her and rock her, and she wants to drive my car to the mall to hang out with her friend Samantha. Well, a slight exaggeration, but it might as well be.

This may be why people have more than one?

PS-- house is slightly cleaner. Getting better... 

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