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Expect This: A pregnancy memoir

Once a formally anti-kids couple decides to chuck their birth control and go for it, this mom-to-be soon learns that pregnancy isn't all about playing Mozart to your stomach and glowing. Along with relentless nausea, unleashed emotions, and interfering bystanders, Heather learns to deal with her fear; fear of her body changing, of her shifting identity, and the fear of having to be responsible for another living being.

Author: Heather Slee
Price: $0.99

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1. Why should I buy this? 

The book is all about my pregnancy, so it's new stuff to you. And it's kind of funny. And it's short-- only 60 pages or so. And it's cheap.

2. It's only available electronically. What if I don't have a Kindle?

You can download the Kindle Reader for PC for free. This way, you can pretend to be working on something important on the computer, when you're actually reading my book and taking a break from your chaos.

3. Why is it only a dollar? Does it suck?

Because it's short (60 pages or so) and only available electronically, which can be kind of a pain for some. Also, "suck" is a relative term. However, here are things that cost around one dollar that rule, and are more fleeting than a book:

  • Dollar menu french fries at McDonald's
  • Two tries at a skill crane game
  • A Diet Coke from the fountain
  • Paddle board from the Target dollar aisle 
  • Two songs from a jukebox (suckiness may vary)