Friday, April 8, 2011

Dora Vs. Diego

Norah now only really watches two shows: Dora the Explorer and Go, Diego, Go. This is fine with me, because I don't like 99% of kids' shows. So less for me to endure. Granted, I have to get off my lazy ass to play more, but my ass could use the exercise.

Lately she's been asking for Diego more than Dora. This makes me displeased. Why do I care, you ask? This is why:

1. Dora is for chicks, man
It's as if the people at Nickelodeon, and probably parents who spend their money on logo-ed items, saw the popularity of Dora and decided to make a "boy version." As if parents were appalled at the thought of their little men having Dora as a hero, or wanting to wear Dora pajamas or something. They specifically created Diego to cater to and perpetuate this archaic notion that girls should like girl stuff and boys should like boy stuff. Although, it's acceptable for girls to like boy stuff (Aw, she's a little tomboy! For cute!), but boys are to be nowhere near anything deemed feminine. Ridiculous. Why can't Dora be for everyone?!

Of course, my mom told me, as I was ranting about this issue, that they probably just were looking to make more money.

2. Diego's voice versus Dora's voice
I know people who want to stab their eardrums with ice picks when they hear Dora on, but Diego is worse. The emphasis on the syllables or beats of each sentence is exactly the same:

Bah BAH bah bah BAH-bah-bah BAH bah BAH! Bah BAH bah bah BAH-bah-bah BAH bah BAH!
The PUma is CHAsing the RED-eyed TOAD! We HAVE to save BAby Toad OR he'll DIE!

3. Diego is constantly saving animals that I have never heard of, making me feel stupid.
Although, I'd like to believe that many people don't know what a Kinkajou is.

4. The review at the end is pointless. 
It drags out the end, and it's even too simple for a 2-year-old child.

Does a fish live in water or in molten lava? Does a butterfly eat from a flower, or a rhinoceros ass?

5. Backpack could kick Rescue Pack's ass.

6. Bobos vs. Swiper
Come on! No contest. But I hate monkeys. Including Curious George.


  1. I AM NOT ALONE! I sometimes find myself in hard negotiations with my 2yo girl because there is just something about Diego that has always rubbed me the wrong way.

    "More Diego!" (she pronounces it 'hey-go')
    "Hey, how about some Dora?"
    "Happy troll?"
    "...You wanna listen to that Tangerine Dream song you like so much? (no joke)"
    "You want to go bye-bye in the car and count trucks??"
    "Hey-go - Peeeese!"

    Wow... hopefully this phase will soon pass. Thank you so much for posting!

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  3. I believe the biggest factor of girls liking Diego might be the animals, not Diego =/ Dora is adventures and go to this, adventures and save this talking door