Friday, April 29, 2011

Best Buys for Baby

I have a lot of stuff. And a tiny house. If only I had known what was a winner and what would ultimately become a loser. And while I realize that every baby and toddler is different, I thought I'd make a list of Best Buys in case someone else has low square footage and a hatred of clutter. Which I have.

The list isn't complete, and I hope to continue it throughout the next few weeks. Here are some essential baby needs, according to me.

Ikea highchair
Ikea highchair
Cheap, easy-to-clean, and you can take the legs off for easy travel usage.

Any kind that vibrates and has dangly things to amuse a baby.

Happiest Baby on the Block, by Harvey Karp
Greatest book ever on getting kids to sleep and stop crying. Hands down.

Good for babies with sensitive skin and little rashes.

Wedge thing
For newborns. Keeps them on their backs, hugs them snug, easily washable.

Disposable bibs for lazy moms like me.

For wearing your baby. Not just for crunch moms. It makes shopping and housework easier. I got a cheaper Bjorn version, and it worked great.

These toys got a lot of use, and they're still being used. Babies laugh at their wobbliness. Toddlers still use them and come up with make-believe relationships and such. Also, Norah (a generally constipated little kid) always had a number two while playing, so I think they're relaxing, too.

Carseat Cozy
Carseat cozy
Hey, we live in Minnesota.

Play Mat/Gym
Yes, it's dumb that they call these "gyms." But it's a great little space for setting your baby down once in a while. Music, mirrors, squeakies, crinkles, and a semi-soft area for tummy time.


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