Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Questions we never thought we'd ever, ever ask

  1. What's in your mouth?
  2. Did you poop?
  3. Is that spit-up or snot on my shoulder?
  4. Why is Bear Bear wet?
  5. Is Princess Presto saying "Wands up!" or "Kwanzaa?" Is that racist? 
  6. Is this pee or sweat?
  7. Well, whose nuk is that?
  8. Is this crayon or marker on the dryer? 
  9. Seriously-- can I see what's in your mouth, please?
  10. Where did that booger go?
  11. How many Weight Watchers points for these yogurt puff things? 
  12. Are you trying to bite me?
  13. Why is it so quiet in there?
  14. Did you just lick the refrigerator? 

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