Monday, December 19, 2011

Twas the Week Before Christmas

Twas the week before Christmas, when all through the flat
not a creature was stirring, except for the frickin' cat.

The stockings weren't hung, because boxes weren't marked,
and "I can't find them," I occasionally barked

at Ryan as he dug through the closet without care,
throwing Halloween knickknacks here and then there.

We came up with a candle and a string of purple lights
purchased by my colorblind husband on a solo-shopping night.

Stock photo eerily similar to Mongo
Then we put up Tree 2 with apathy and glum,
as the lightbulbs on Tree 1 proved too tempting for some.

And while the cheap ornaments were getting some batting and chewing,
we ignored it and listed what still needed doing.

Shopping and baking and mailing and wrapping.
Cleaning and laundry and organizing and napping.

Fixing the light that was broke in the yard.
Avoiding Mall Santa so Norah won't be scarred.

And when we finally nestled all snug in our bed,
with visions of road rage in parking lots dancing in our heads,

Little Norah started singing, through the monitor we heard.
Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, she sang out each word.

And before we could groan that she wasn't asleep
we smiled and hoped this Christmas memory would keep.


  1. Hysterical! I especially love the singing in the monitor at the end. I'm impressed that you have time to bake & mail after all the decorating.

  2. I still haven't hung up the purple lights. Christmas fail.