Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Creeping Crud

No one ever tells you that your baby will have an average of 6-8 colds every year. Even if you did hear it, there's nothing that could prepare you for the suffering that your baby and you will face.

I am certain that Norah has well surpassed the 6-8 mark. We're in the middle of a doozie right now. And just when she started feeling better, Ryan and I got the same thing. Cold, hot, sweat, throat on fire, headache, body aches, and general spaciness. So now she wants us to chase her and play acrobat baby, and we want to die.

The only thing we can do is keep our thoughts to spring and summer. The beauty of summer, which is appreciated ten fold when you're from Minnesota, is quadrupled now because in summer, there is less sickness. Last summer was fantastic. Just a happy baby and happy parents.

So, this will be a shorty because I need to swill some more DayQuil or NyQuil or both. And maybe I'll find that damn groundhog that declared a longer winter and kick its ass.

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