Wednesday, February 3, 2010

First post -- no clever titles yet

Well, here's the first post. And I have a little stage fright combined with writer's block and general sleepiness. I guess I'll start out with an introduction. I'll try to keep the boring details brief.

I'm a mom. A pretty new mom, too, although I think I can only use that excuse for a little bit longer. My daughter, Norah, is one. I have a husband, too-- Ryan. He's pretty great most of the time. We live in a tiny house in Minnesota and just live our lives, discovering the wonderful, terrifying, and ridiculous world of parenthood.

I decided to chronicle some stories about Norah so that she'd have something to (hopefully) laugh at when she's older. I also thought that if other people could see what an idiot I can be, that maybe they'll feel a little better about their own parenting skills. I know I like hearing about people's screw-ups. Hey, I'm only human.

So, if you also enjoy a little schadenfreude once in a while, and you like to laugh, hopefully you'll get a little of both here. Thanks for stopping by.

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