Thursday, March 4, 2010

Another Bad Mom Day

I was so smug about remembering to bring photos with to daycare today. They were doing a project. Everyone needed to bring photos of extended relatives. I remembered, for once. I forgot dress-up day. I forgot to bring something for trail mix day. But today I remembered.

But I forgot diapers. Grandma to the rescue.

Not only that, but I have nothing in my kitchen that would remotely resemble a nutritious meal. I am considered chicken from a can and an Eggo.

And Norah has about 10 clean socks, but not a pair to be found. New rule = white socks only from now on.

And I forgot to actual continue clipping her fingernails yesterday. So some are short, and some are unacceptably long. I hope I don't have to fill out an "incident report" when I go pick her up in a minute or so because of some poor slashed Other Baby.

Sigh. Let's just get to the weekend. I need to get my shit together.

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