Friday, March 19, 2010

Baby Tricks

We teach our daughter tricks and then make her perform like a dog. There isn't a nicer way to put it. I am hoping it's something everyone does.

For example, Ryan has been teaching her where her nose is. I think Grandma has been working on that one, too. Now that she's aware of what a nose is and where it is located, we love to display this talent to others. "Norah, where is your nose? Where is Daddy's nose? Where is Bear Bear's nose?" And then we clap for her like she's a circus seal.

Lately, the tricks are about her new words. Other tricks include pointing to other things, like her ear, her shoe, etc, and asking her to bring things to people. "Bring Mommy the credit card bill. Good job!"

And then I suddenly flashed back to my parents commanding me to play their friends a song on the piano. I was insecure about my skill level (I sucked), and I was pretty shy. Not a good memory. Time to nip this in the bud, or are baby tricks acceptable new-parent behavior?


  1. The only time I recall asking you to play piano was on vacation at the beach house in oregon where we all sat around singing and you were about 22. Your Mother may have been pushier.

  2. Memory is a strange thing. That is my diplomatic way of saying you're wrong. :)