Sunday, May 16, 2010

House of Nerf

Norah flung herself off the couch last night. Not a gentle little roll and thud. She was standing backwards, as I was digging for Bear Bear behind the couch, and just flung herself backwards like some Eastern European gymnast on the couch apparatus. After some pretty intense crying-- from both of us-- she seemed to settle down and go on her merry way. Ryan checked with his mom, a retired RN, for some concussion checking advice. All seemed well.

So clearly we need to get rid of the couch. In fact, the recliner, too. Not just because it's hideous (not sorry, Ryan), but because without the couch, surely she'll climb up on the chair and fling herself off. The piano bench is also a goner. And I'm pretty wary about all these sharp edges everywhere. Tables, doorways, doors, shelves. It's not good. The floor is also a hazard. When she really gets her tantrum on, she flings herself to the floor like she's about to break into The Worm. That could be a lot softer. If everything was made from Nerf, life would be a lot less stressful. Or maybe we should move into a bouncy castle. I don't know.

And I know. Kids get hurt. They need to learn consequences. They need to toughen up. And I assure you, I don't want Norah to grow up to be a pussy. Ryan keeps reminding me not to sprint to scoop her up every time a tear breaks loose or a stumble occurs. And I usually forget. Even my mom gave me the "don't coddle her" look today, and I totally deserved it. And that's my mom-- she's a coddler like me! You know it's bad when a softy thinks you're too soft.

Even when I think about The Big Picture, my brain and my heart are completely conflicted. Does anyone actually like the people who waltz through life without a care in the world? Who have overcome... nothing? No strife, no heartache, no obstacles in their way? Who respects people like that? And, really, aren't they irritating?

Interesting people have been hurt, have done the hurting, have struggled and been kicked when down. It's about learning and building character and enhancing perspective and experiencing all life deals out to you. Bad stuff makes you appreciate good stuff.

But I don't want Norah to go through a single day of pain; a single minute! I want to keep her in my bouncy castle and shield her from all the sharp edges in the world. Dear God, please help me not turn my daughter into a boring, sissy, princess. Dear God, please don't let anything hurt my daughter.

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