Friday, November 5, 2010

Daycare update

Well, Norah doesn't go to that daycare anymore. I just couldn't deal with it anymore, and I didn't want Norah to have to deal with it, either. I emailed the director a brief, professional message (opposed to my wishful thinking email: "Fuck off. Norah's out!") and she didn't seek any explanation or anything, so I dropped it.

Now the search is on. We've got three leads. One of them said she'd call me back yesterday and I've yet to hear back. Thinking of writing her off, but trying to keep an open mind.

In the meantime, the grandmothers are taking her more often and Ryan is asking for more evening shifts.

I'm really sad about it. Everyone is asking me if I feel relieved, but I'm a little heartbroken. Norah loved the infant room so much, and so did I. And she really appeared to be doing so much better in the toddler room lately. I am frustrated because I don't understand what happened. And I will miss a lot of the people there. One gal even found me on Facebook and said she'd really miss Norah. That was so nice. I'm also terrified at the prospect of a new daycare and the transition period that will inevitably occur there. I hate it when things are up in the air, and just knowing that it's going to be hard on Norah gives me a feeling of dread every time it comes to mind.

So. I don't want to have two blog entries that are depressing.

The other day I think Norah gave me a birthday present. It's not my birthday, but Norah loves birthdays, so I wasn't shocked or anything She set her little potty chair wrapped in Go Go's blanket down in front of me, and then proceeded to whip off the blanket, yelling "Happy day!" There were four little Hotwheels in the potty chair.


  1. Finding quality, affordable childcare is so hard. I feel for you, I really do. The first person I left my son with was a Family Child Care provider that had completed the training program the military required to be a home based child care provider. I liked her. My son hated her after the first day. I would drop him off and he would scream...oh my broke my heart! When I came to pick him up (and we are only talking about a couple of hours here) he'd still be crying. But I was pregnant with my second and had to leave him somewhere when I had doctor's appointments. She was the only one close to us that had spots for drop in care. My son had a fairly serious speech delay, but one day we were walking on base and passed the lady's apartment and I asked him if he remembered her - yes. I asked him why he didn't like staying there - because she made him sit in the bathtub until he stopped crying. OMG. She is SO lucky she had moved right then.

    From that point forward, if either of the kids ever expressed distress about being left with a certain care giver or place? I didn't make them stay. Well, with the exception of the child care room at the Y but that's because I'm in the next room.

    I think you are exactly right to follow your instincts. Good luck!!!

  2. OMG! I will NEVER understand why some people go into childcare!

    Thanks for the advice. It's appreciated!