Thursday, June 16, 2011

More Toddler Conversations


Me: It's bedtime. Time to close your eyes.
Norah: Leave me alone.
Me: Daddy's going to bed, too.
Norah: Leave us alone.
Me: We're all on the same team. Tonight I'm the team captain. We're going to sleep.
Norah: [Eddie Murphy laugh] You're a pirate.

Relating to Other Kids at Daycare

Me: Look! Some Kid is wearing the same shirt you have!
Norah: [Looks down] Nooo.
Me: I mean, you have that same shirt at home, don't you? With the parrot?
Norah: [Grabbing Some Kid's shirt] MY SHIRT!
Me: No, Honey, that's not yours!
Norah: [tearing up] You gave her my shirt?
Me: No, Honey! Let's go look at some Legos.

Potty Time

Me: Let's sit on the potty before bath time.
Norah: I don't have to go potty.
Me: Let's just try.
Norah: NO! I don't have to go potty.
Me: We'll just sit for a minute.
Norah: [small wail]
[strip down]
[sitting on potty]
Norah: [stands up] No pee pee.
Me: Can you try a little longer?
Me: [sighs] Okay, Honey. Let's go in the tub.
Norah: I pee peed.

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