Monday, June 13, 2011

Time-out update!

I am totally jinxing everything by posting this, but...

I think we actually taught Norah something valuable.

Neighbor Girl and Other Neighbor Girl came over last night to play. (Completely uninvited, of course.) All three girls sat down by our walkway with sidewalk chalk and began their creations. Norah stepped on Other Neighbor Girl's drawing of a girl with a heart head.

ONG: Norah! Watch out!
Norah: I'm sorry.

Then she came running up to me and said, "I said I'm sorry, Mommy!" I replied, "Good manners, Noonie."

Ho. Lee. Shit. Is this what it feels like to do something right? It's good stuff.


  1. That feeling? SO AMAZING! Good for you!

  2. WOAH! great parenting award goes to you! see? she was learning something the other day. It was hard for her (and you!) but she retained it!

  3. Thanks, Suniverse and Alex! I hope it takes!

  4. Hold onto it. That good feeling. Be proud that she didn't take her foot and smash it back and forth and say "it's an ugly drawing, anyway!" and then run back to you.

    Not that any of my kids ever did that...