Tuesday, February 1, 2011

House Rules

We haven't really done any kind of disciplining yet. From all the books and websites I've read about the subject, it appears that the average recommended age for beginning discipline is 2. Norah's 2. But I honestly don't think she'd get the whole concept of a time out.

But it's not as if we have marshall law here. We have pretty strict house rules. Here they are. They are not in order and are subject to change.

1. We don't eat floor food.
2. No Michael Jackson music while Daddy's home.
3. Only food, nuks, and toothbrushes in the mouth.
4. No jumping on the couch while brushing teeth.
5. Three toothpaste refills, max.
6. Mittens must be worn if snow is handled.
7. Magic word usage enforced.
8. We do not play piano with our butts.
9. Bubbles are an outside activity.
10. No throwing toys. Except balls. And paper airplanes.
11. No hitting, kicking, biting, etc.
12. Clothes must be worn outside the house.
13. No Caillou.
14. Crayons, paint, ink, and other media belongs on paper.
15. Mommy is not allowed to cut hair.   

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