Tuesday, May 24, 2011

We Went Camping Again

Well, we went camping again, shrugging off warnings of bad weather and apocalypse. And luckily we didn't hit tornados this time. It was actually pretty fun and drama-free. Here are some highlights:

We went with our couple friends and their daughter who is a month older than Norah, so the girls had a blast together. A few tears when negotiating sharing of toys and buckets and the lot (mostly on Norah's part), but the majority of time was spent having fun.

I had just started the South Beach Diet a week prior (smart timing, huh?) and ate un-fun food the whole time, while resisting delicious camping food favorites, like Sara's campfire pizzas and beer. But I'm down 10 pounds so far and will cease complaining.

The menfolk found two turtles for the girls to be awed by. They deemed one Mommy Turtle and the other Tuck. Damn you, WonderPets.

Sara's husband bought kites for the girls and they were a huge hit. It reminded me that I tend to underestimate Norah's skill level at times. I still think of her as an infant most of the time. But to see her running down the dirt road near our cabins, excitedly looking over her shoulder to see if the kite was in flight, was an awesome reminder and a great memory.

Yes, we had cabins. No, it's not "real" camping, then. My husband agrees with you. But guess what? They're cheap, clean, they have heat, room to play when it's raining, and beds. So, suck it.

There were clear skies above us one night, but a crazy lightening storm on the horizon that Ryan and Norah oohed and ahhed over.

I now have an irrational fear of going to the outhouse by myself in the dark, thanks to Sara. I will always think there's a psycho murderer in there waiting for me.

Good trip! I may be won over by camping with toddlers yet!

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  1. I refuse to do rough-it camping hubby always has to borrow our in-laws trailor so I have running water, and a toilet lol!