Wednesday, July 20, 2011

No More Swearing?

Well. It happened. My mother's worst fear. We were playing outside. It was an ordinary day. I had just gone inside and had forgotten what I was going to retrieve, which wasn't unusual. I stepped back outside.

"What the..." I trailed off.

And Norah, my two-and-a-half-year-old daughter, finished my sentence.

And she didn't say "heck." Or even "hell." You know what I'm saying.

Ryan looked at me and I could almost hear his brain repeating that TV commercial that says, "Dial 'lawyers.' L-A-W. Y...E...R...S."

It got me to thinking that I really need to stop swearing. While on some level it was hilarious, on another level, swearing toddlers aren't exactly socially acceptable, and as she goes to Catholic school, that could pose some problems.

So I am planning a swear-free week. Just like South Beach. I will break my addiction to swearing by eliminating swear words for a period of time. Then after the addiction is broken, I will slowly introduce swear words into my lexicon, but only in appropriate situations, such as if someone were to steal my parking spot.

I'll start on Monday. Until then-- fuckity fuck fuck!


  1. I am convinced that one day I will have a phone call from the school because my son told the teacher "are you fucking kidding me?" because that is my husband's favorite phrase. I am super guilty of that word, especially in the car, so I am ready for it!