Thursday, July 7, 2011

You Hurt Me

This is Norah's new catch phrase: "You hurt me."

This catch phrase is preceded by any time we say no. We don't physically hurt her. We're not spankers or anything. But we do occasionally tell her "no," which is consistently met with the following exchange:

"YOU HURT ME." Falling on the ground, dramatically. Tears. "OW!"

We've tried telling her that we didn't hurt her. This doesn't work.

"Honey, no one hurt you."


We've tried correcting. It doesn't work.

"Honey, do you mean we hurt your feelings?"


We've tried ignoring. No workie.



"YOU HURT ME!!!" Sobbing. Falling on the ground. Hanging on a leg.

So, why do I care? Well, as any parent, I imagine, I'd like my child to graciously accept what I've told them to do, and even apologize, if necessary.

"No, Norah, you can't climb up the back of the couch and try to jump down to the floor."

"Okay, Mommy. You are so thoughtful and wise."

I also am a little worried this "You hurt me" business is going to make her daycare providers or passerbys think that Ryan and I use excessive physical discipline. We've got a kid who is always saying someone hurt her. What would you think?

And maybe it's more that I don't want people to think I spank or physically discipline at all because I'm so against it. (Sorry, spankers. Just my opinion.)

Or maybe it's just because it's super... annoying. I'm not used to Norah being annoying. Every syllable she has spoken has been perfect, like birds singing Mozart. (Yeah, I'm "that" mom.) And now this "You hurt me" phase (please let it be a phase) is... well... ANNOYING AS SHIT. I've actually felt the urge to tell my beautiful, perfect angel to SHUT IT. Wow.

Anyone have a similar experience so that I don't feel as bad?

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